Green AV Security Suite


Green AV Security Suite is a fraudulent application that imitates an antispyware program. It is installed to computers through Trojan viruses that spread on malicious websites. Usually Green AV Security Suite is installed without your consent.

The program drops some files of its own on your Windows registry which enables Green AV Security Suite to start automatically when computer is started. Gradually, your computer will get slower and you’ll start seeing lots of fake security alerts, fake scanner, etc.

Green AV Security Suite pretends to look for infections and runs its scanner. Then the program reports about tons of infections supposedly detected on your system. In order to remove infections, Green AV Security Suite offers purchasing its license and registering it as your antispyware program. Actually, it only seeks to gain your money this way.

If you follow this recommendation or click on some pop up of Green AV Security Suite, it will redirect you to some fraudulent website promoting Green AV Security Suite as a security tool where you can also purchase it.

Do not reveal your credit card details under any circumstances.  Instead remove Green AV Security Suite as soon as you notice it on your machine. Follow  removal guide of Green AV Security Suite or get a legitimate antispyware program to eliminate this badware for all the time.

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