Green Shield Antivirus


Green Shield Antivirus is a fake security tool and secretly infiltrates into random computer systems and makes it really difficult to be removed. Green Shield Antivirus belongs to a huge group of rogue programs and acts really typically to all of them in order to get user’s attention.

The program causes tons of fake security notifications, pop up ads and other warnings that only seek to scare computer user and make him think his system is at risk because of spyware attacks. Moreover, Green Shield Antivirus loads its scanner without even asking if you want to perform system scan or not. In fact it is run just for a few minutes and then the program generates a list of random files and reports them to be infections.

Once the user starts believing his system has some protection issues, Green Shield Antivirus offers its help here. All you are asked to do is purchasing a so called full version of Green Shield Antivirus which promises not only to clean the system from existing infections but also provide protection against future threats. It’s a total lie again, as the program offers removing something that was created on its own.

Please, get rid of Green Shield Antivirus right after detecting it on your computer. Make sure to scan your system with a reputable antispyware program to remove all other infections that may infiltrate together with Green Shield Antivirus.

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