Guard Pcs


Guard Pcs is a fake anti-spyware program that tries to deceive computer users into purchasing its commercial software. In other words, GuardPcs is a total scam which just after breaking in causes tons of annoying popup ads informing you about invented security problems. Additionally, this malware tends to display fabricated system scanners that will also report infections that are not in the machine.

All these misleading alerts loaded by Guard Pcs are created only to get victims’ attention to the protection of their computers. In other words, hackers expect PC users to start thinking about the removal tool of all those “cyber threats” reported and of course, this program is Guard Pcs. The choice to purchase the “licensed” version of Guard Pcs as the reputable anti-spyware would be disaster. Following such recommendations means to forget about normal PC functioning. Guard Pcs will slow your PC down and will keep giving you more and more those annoying pop-up ads, over and over again. Remove Guard Pcs if you are infected with its trialware or if you have installed its “commercial” version.

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