Guardia di Finanza virus – Italian scam, which blocks computers


Guardia di Finanza virus is annoying cyber infection, which literally takes computers hostage. Once it gets inside the system, it locks the desktop and shows a bogus notification about numerous illegal activities detected. This variant pretends to be from Italian finance organization, but I have already warned you about other its versions that pretend to be from FBI (FBI virus), International Police Association (IPA virus) and other legitimate organizations. If you see such threat on your computer, you should know one thing: these authorities have never been blocking computers in order to get the fines from their victims. So, if you see alert stating that its from Guardia di Finanza, you can safely ignore it. However, you will have to remove this ransomware threat from your computer, if you want to recover Internet connection and get the ability to use your machine again.

Guardia di Finanza virus is spread by misleading links and emails that also use the name of this Italian authority. Besides, various shareware and freeware can also infect you with this threat, so you should always avoid visiting those websites that distribute it. Once it is downloaded (if course, it is done without any permission asked) , it locks the whole computer down and makes you look only at this fake alert. If you pay 100 euros, you won’t have your computer unlocked. For that, read Guardia di Finanza virus removal guide and forget about this ransomware virus.

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