GuardWWW is another rogue anti-spyware downloaded and installed with a help of Trojans through flash updates or while downloading programs necessary to watch videos online. The Trojan that installs GuardWWW also creates fake malware files. When the application runs its scanner it detects those files as infections. You must ignore the scan results by GuardWWW as the program doesn’t detect real infections but only the files that were created on this purpose.

GuardWWW also displays tons of security alerts on your desktop. This is a result of the changes in your Windows Registry made by the same Trojan. Ignore them as well because the messages are fabricated.

It is recommended to get rid of GuardWWW application as soon as possible, because the above mentioned symptoms will keep irritating you after each computer reboot. Your computer will also become very slow. Besides, GuardWWW will complicate browsing the Internet. The program hijacks Internet browser and keeps redirecting you to dangerous fake scanner sites.

Most importantly is to not fall for the offer to purchase a license of GuardWWW. You will receive this offer after each system scan and on some security alerts. The program will promise you to remove the detected parasites and protect your computer from future infections. That’s a lie because Guard WWW was the one to start this mess so how could it fix it? Get rid of GuardWWW instead of purchasing it and don’t waste your money on scam applications.

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