Hard Drive Diagnostic


Hard Drive Diagnostic is a fake computer optimization tool that is distributed to random computer systems by Trojan viruses. Once the Trojan infiltrate Hard Drive Diagnostic into computer is will generate a message stating that your system contains some system errors. The reason of this is to convince you into thinking your system is at risk and make you purchase a fake program.

Then Hard Drive Diagnostics will run its scanner which unfortunately only imitates checking your system for errors and at the end states your computer contains lots of hard drive problems. The program promises to fix them if you agree to purchase its license and activate Hard Drive Diagnostic. However, it is just a way to gain money from you.

The truth is that all system errors that Hard Drive Diagnostic reported as present are completely fabricated. This is done only to swindle your money away. Actually every single security warning is fabricated if Hard Drive Diagnostic infects your system. You can ignore them and start removing Hard Drive Diagnostic from your system. It’s the only way to stop this malicious activity on your system. If you have made a payment for this noxious program, try to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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