Hardclean is a newly launched program that imitates an antispyware tool but in fact is a so-called rogue program that has not functions and only attempts to gain money from computer users. Hardclean spreads over Trojan viruses and infects computers completely secretly. Then the program changes some parameters so that it could act without any disturbing.

Hardclean pretends to scan computer for infections and reports of tons of infections which in fact doesn’t exist or are some of your legitimate programs. The main point is that Hardclean is incapable of detecting any infections so its scan results are nothing close to the truth. The program also generates fake pop up messages and security alerts which falsely warn about some spyware attacks, etc.

Both the scan results and any security notifications mentioning Hardclean must be ignored. Under any circumstances agree to pay for Hardclean program as it will not provide any services for you, your computer will still be infected and you lose your money. you have to remove Hardclean once detected it on your machine.

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