Have you also been blocked by FBI Moneypak?


FBI Moneypak is a dangerous virus which belongs to the category of ransomwares. I can sure you that you will notice this misleading application on your computer as soon as it gets inside it. That’s because FBI Moneypak locks its target computer down and displays a huge alert on the whole screen saying that you have violated various laws and now you have to pay a fine through Ukash prepayment system. Instead of paying this ‘fine’ and supporting the scammers, you should simply keep in mind that this ransomware uses names of reputable authorities just for trying to get you out of your money. FBI Moneypak pretends to be a security protector related to Federal Bureau of Investigation and displays alert saying that you are blocked because of law violation. In exchange for unblocking, it asks to pay a fine through Ukash which is nothing else but another affair created by the hackers for swindling the money from PC uses.

FBI Moneypak has been created by a dangerous group of hackers that have started to spread sophisticated viruses like this in the beginning of this year. Keep in mind that you may find various problems when trying to remove FBI Moneypak from your computer because it locks the system down so that you can’t do anything on it. Don’t dream that after paying the ‘fine’ you will find your computer unlocked. For that, you should firstly follow these steps published here: How to remove FBI Moneypak from the system?

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