HDD Control


HDD Control is a lately released fake system defragmenter that has already infected many computer systems. It’s a program that pretends to be computer optimization program but in fact is a completely useless application that only expects to gain your money. It belongs to the same family of fake defragmenters that appear on the Internet almost every week now.

HDD Control is infiltrated with casino online a help of Trojan viruses without any notification to the user. It then pretends scanning your system and reports about some problems detected because of high RAM memory usage or hard drive issues. In reality all these warning are fake and basically on every computer system HDD Control would report the same problems.

Everything that HDD Control promises is very misleading and if you look closer at it you will understand that it”s a scam program. You are strongly recommended to eliminate HDD Control from your computer right after you detect its actions on your machine. Never pay for this scam program as you will end up losing your money and with tons of problems on your system.

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