HDD Defragmenter


HDD Defragmenter is a fake computer optimization program that was designed by cyber criminals. The main goal of it is to gain money from computer users by simulating functions of optimization program and making computer users purchase the program.

As soon as HDD Defragmenter infiltrates into computer and set there in, it starts acting under a carefully prepared planned. It is started after each computer reboot and each time it imitates scanning your computer for system errors. After a while it warns you about detecting tons of system errors and asks to pay for a license of HDD Defragmenter in order to activate it and remove all errors. Actually, the program only wants to get your money but even after the payment is made, you will not have any reputable system optimizer. Moreover, you don’t even need fixing any errors as HDD Defragmenter reports about fake system problems just in order to get your money.

You are highly advanced to get rid of HDD Defragmenter as soon as you find its signs on your computer. If you have already paid for it, please contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.

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