HDD Fix is one more member in a huge family of fake defragmenters that are completely useless but imitate being real security tools. HDD Fix enters computers without a slight notification to the users so you only notice it after you restart your system. Basically you will see a scanner launched on your system without you asking to do so. HDD Fix will also report it detected some errors on your system and offer its full version to repair everything. There should be mentioned that a full version of HDD Fix is not free so basically you are asked to buy something that you neither need nor want.

HDD Fix additionally displays tons of security notifications and pop up ads which report about infections that in reality doesn’t exist. The program simply attempts to create an illusion your system is at risk and that purchasing HDD Fix is a solution to that.

You should remove HDD Fix as soon as possible if you want your system to be back to its normal state. If you have paid for HDD Fix, contact your credit card company as soon as possible to dispute the charges.

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