HDD Low is a fake computer optimization program that spreads on computers through Trojans and infiltrates without requiring users authorization. The program imitates being a security tool but in fact it has no useful functions at all and only simulates them.

As soon as HDD Low enters the system it displays a screen of its scanner which imitates checking your system for infections. After a few minutes, the program displays another screen of the scan results which will claim that your system contains a bunch of system errors and it also recommends fixing that by purchasing a license of HDD Low.

Moreover, you will start receiving tons of security notifications which will definitely make you think you have some problems in your computer. Basically, the program will do everything just to make you purchase HDD Low.

You shouldn’t think about this option as once you pay, you will lose your money and have no useful program. You are strongly recommended removing HDD Low as soon as you notice it on your system.

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