HDD OK is a fake system defragmenter that spreads through Trojans and is installed to the systems secretly. HDD OK displays tons of malicious and fake security notifications and. This program has nothing in common with a legitimate program and should be removed from the system as soon as detected.

You will first of all notice that something goes wrong with your system when you start receiving tons of fake pop up ads warning about system infections and pushing into purchasing a full version of HDD OK. Besides you will see a scanner loaded after each computer reboot. After a couple of minutes of scanning it will warn you about tons of system errors, hard drive issues, etc. that is only meant to scare you into thinking your system is really in a bad condition. After that HDD OK friendly recommends fixing all problems under one condition. You will have to purchase its license first and activate the program. That’s the way how HDD OK earns money.

Please do not fall for this trick and do not pay for Scan Disk under any circumstances. Instead you are strongly advised to get rid of HDD OK as soon as you detect it. Take a look at the removal guide below for tips how to eliminate HDD OK from your system.


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