HDD Repair


HDD Repair is one more fake computer optimization program that secretly enters computer system in order to rip computer users off.

The program is downloaded and installed through Trojan viruses. Once there, it becomes a dominating component on the system and starts with each computer reboot. HDD Repair loads a scanner and imitates checking for system errors.

The scanner reports about a bunch of different errors and recommends purchasing a full version of HDDRepair in order to fix them. It will also cause tons of security alerts appearing out from the Windows task bar. These alerts are titled as Critical error and basically can say you anything in order to make you think your system is infected, for example, that hard drive was not found, RAM memory usage is critically high, Windows can’t find hard disc space, etc. Beware that all of them are fake and only displayed in order to scare you out.

HDD Repair will not allow you running most of your programs stating that Windows detected a hard drive problem or that Windows couldn’t find a program that you are trying to open. It is just one more trick of HDDRepair as after several tries you will manage to open desirable program.

It is strongly advised to remove HDD Repair as soon as you detect its activity on your system. It’s a badware application that has nothing in common with a reputable optimization tool.

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