HDD Rescue


HDD Rescue is a fake computer optimization tool that is infiltrated to computers completely secretly using Trojan viruses. Once you are infected with this malicious application you will soon notice tons of annoying actions on your machine.

HDD Rescue usually runs system scan and imitates looking for infections there. Once it finishes, the program claims that your computer has tons of problems concerning your hard drive. Moreover, HDD Rescue displays a bunch of pop up ads warning about critical errors detected which also usually mention hard drive problems.

The program also complicates the usage of your legitimate applications. Instead of running them normally, you will receive a notification stating that Windows cannot find particular program or it detected some hard drive error. Afterwards you will be presented to one more message offering to perform system scan using HDD Rescue program. You may probably guess that the scan will be finished with an offer to purchase a full version of HDD Rescue.

Please remove HDD Rescue as soon as you notice it     on your system. Use a reputable antispyware program to run a full system scan and never trust programs like HDD Rescue.

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