HDD Scan


HDD Scan is another fake computer defragmenter that seeks to gain money from less experienced computer users by pushing them into purchasing a fake application. The first sign of having HDD Scan in your system is some warning messages claiming that your computer has some critical errors. The program offers performing system scan on your computer which should detect all existing errors and fix them.

Right when the scan finishes, HDD Scan asks you to make a payment for its license in order it could repair all errors that have been detected. You shouldn’t follow this advice as paying for HDD Scan is equal to throwing your money to the wind. Simply ignore any scan performed by this malicious program.

You may also start receiving some pop up messages coming out from nowhere reporting about more critical errors. Ignore them just like the scan results. In order to stop this horrible activity you must remove HDD Scan as soon as possible. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program and eliminate this malicious application immediately.

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