HDDoctor is a fake defragmenter which will hope to swindle your money. It comes from the freshly created family of malwares that, we hope, won’t repeat such havoc as ThinkPoint fake defragmenter. HDDDoctor starts issuing deceptive popups just after its secret intrusion and then tells about “errors that need to be fixed”. For example:

“The system disk contains a large number of critical errors.
Windows could not fix most of them.
You can install install trial version of the third party software “HDD doctor” to fix found bugs. Install “HDD Doctor” now?

However, people are usually informed only about nonexistent problems by HDDoctor, so every alert of its scan should be ignored. Whatever you click on such popups, you will be redirected to a website actively promoting registered version of this defragmenter. Once on board, HDD Doctor’s trial version will run permanently and will trigger fake security alerts and system scanners. Sometimes, it disables security software found on the PC and changes proxy settings.

Don’t even think that all what was reported by HDD Doctor must be removed! You must ignore its alerts and remove the same malware and all its files and folders. For a HDDDoctor removal, use a reputable anti-spyware and don’t forget updating before a scan.

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