HeadlineAlley Toolbar may be not what you think


HeadlineAlley Toolbar is another program that should be called adware because of its unfair distribution methods and potentially unwanted activity once it gets inside the system. Beware that I don’t claim that this HeadlineAlley Toolbar is malicious by itself – it can be safely used if you are interested in various gossips and news. However, the fact that it’s closely related to the third party software bothers me a bit. Continue reading and you will know what I’m talking about.

If you are interested how you can get HeadlineAlley Toolbar on your PC, I must say that there are two main methods. You can download it from its official site or in a bundle with freeware. This distribution method is categorized as malicious because it’s done for monetization only, so if you haven’t installed this program with your conscent, I highly recommend to remove HeadlineAlley Toolbar.

When testing, I downloaded it from its official site. Once it entered the computer, it settled down on all my browsers, such as Mozilla, Chrome and other ones. However, it also dropped ActiveX Control component, Toolbar browser helper object and Search Assistant browser helper object without any permission asked. Another important fact, which has been noticed when testing this toolbar, is that it has changed my homepage and search engine to mywebsearch.com. This search engine is known for its altered search results and annoying pop-up advertisements that lead to insecure sites. Finally, when trying to uninstall this program, there comes another issue because it may seem that it doesn’t have such option.

If you have also been finding issues with this program and want to remove HeadlineAlley Toolbar from your PC, you should follow this guide: HeadlineAlley Toolbar removal guide

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