Home Malware Cleaner

Home Malware Cleaner is a rogue antispyware program, a clone of Strong Malware Defender. Both of them use malicious methods to steal money from computer users. The program displays tons of malicious notifications and pop up ads which report about tons of infections supposedly detected on your machine. It is done in order to trick computer suers and make them purchase a fake anitsipyware program – Home Malware Cleaner.
Home Malware Cleaner is downloaded to the system through Trojan viruses that are able to infiltrate without slightest knowledge of users. The program pretends to perform system scan and reports about numerous of infections detected on the system. It recommends purchasing a full version of a program in order to remove those infections.
Unfortunately, it’s just a trick used to gain your money. Another trick is generating fake security notifications and pop ups that warn you about system infections, etc. They are also meant to make you believe your system is at risk and expecting you to purchase a full version of Home Malware cleaner. Get rid of Home Malware Cleaner as soon as you detect it on your computer. If you have made a payment for it, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Otherwise you will lose your money.

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