Homepagecell is extremely annoying adware. Even though it doesn’t mess things up on infected computers, it disturbs users and interrupts all the time. Homepagecell launches many fabricated security pop-ups that should trick people into purchasing fake antispyware. This adware is also able to redirect Internet Explorer to Homepagecell’s website which is dedicated to rogue security tools. These counterfeit tools are presented as legitimate software on Homepagecell website on purpose to milk money.
Remove Homepagecell as soon as possible.

One Response to “Homepagecell”

  1. GMan says:

    Attention All, Why are we allowing these virus attacks to go on? Seems to me that it is the responsibility of the major players (microsoft / Hp) to do more to resolve these issues. Especially Microsoft concerning Homepagecell, since it only attacks ie explorer, as a home page hack… We really should demand they do more…as customers we deserve more from them… they are responsible for our safety when it comes to running their software on their machines (OS). I recently purchased a NEW HP out the box special, saved a few bucks but turns out the system was a return and in turn I got a bonus …ie…Homepagecell virus….how special,. trust me this thing is way more then just a aggravation!