How to avoid Homeland Security virus?


Homeland Security virus is a dangerous application, which shows its aggressively designed alert and prevents its victims from accessing their desktop, Internet connection and similar things. This program is also considered as an extremely misleading app, because it uses modern technologies for stealing the money. They are based on legitimate prepayment systems, such as Ukash, Paysafecard and Moneypak. Similarly to its previous versions, Homeland Security virus seeks to rip its victims off, so it displays a large notification, which reports about serious e-crimes found on victim’s computer. Typically, it lists the use of copyrighted content, distribution of malware and similar e-crimes. Additionally, it asks to pay the fine of 300 dollars and promises that this will remove the lock from the system. In reality, U.S Department of Homeland Security or other governmental organization has never been blocking computers in order to get the fines from its criminals. You must ignore Homeland Security virus and remove it from the system.

This ransomware is distributed using the same distribution methods as its predecessors. That means it closely relies on trojan horse, which can come inside the poorly protected PC system through security vulnerabilities found. In order to avoid Homeland Security virus on your computer, you should avoid using freeware, stop visiting illegal sites and never open Spam. As soon as this trojan gets inside the PC, ┬áit prepares the system for Homeland Security virus infiltration and blocks it. As a result, user becomes incapable to reach his desktop and sees only a large notification that pretends to belong to the US Department of Homeland Security. Please, ignore such alert if you see it on your PC’s desktop because it’s a huge scam, which seeks to mislead you. In order to fix your PC, use this Homeland Security virus removal guide.

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