How to get links without linking back?


1. First and the most Important thing is to create good Content. Create site for visitors, not for search engines. If your site will be really interesting and valuable it will get links natural way: other webmasters will link you, discuss about you, refer to you. Keep your site fresh and updated, write new articles, create blog and forum, give some resources for free, this is the best way to get links.

2. Write reviews and testimonials to other websites. Usually website owners will give you a link back if your review is good and interesting. It’s additional content to them and another link to you.

3. Submit your site to online directories. There are lots of directories where you can publish your link for free. Biggest and the most powerful directories charges money for the inclusion. Sometimes it is one time review fee only, sometimes its yearly fee, sometimes it is a monthly one. You should carefully check the link if you intend to pay for it. The link from Most powerful directories always worth some investment.

4. Write Articles about things you know, about things you see, about things you do. This is one of the best techniques for getting one-way inbound links to your website. Many webmasters are looking for more content for their websites and ezines. You can provide them with that content by writing articles and submitting them to websites, ezines, and article directories. Articles are the copyrighted material and you can publish your name and site at the end of article. Webmasters may not use your article without mentioning you. Eventually it will become the huge part of your links.

5. Publish your own articles directory. Webmasters will try to add articles to your website and get links. For this you can ask a link back.

6. Go blogging. Blogs are very powerful these days. Publish your own blog and update it frequently. If the content in your blog will be interesting, other website owners will link your information as valuable source because of constant update. Submit your blog to various Blog directories where users will be able to see information you write.

7. Participate in various Blogs, leave proper comments, leave your opinion about things author talks in his blog. Do not spam blogs, every comment must be related to theme and topic. Lots of blogs allows you to add a link to your website.

8. Publish your ebook. When you will write lots of articles, comments and opinions about one or another topic, you can organise your own material into ebook and publish it freely. Your links along with your affiliate links can be published within your ebook.

9. Always try to spend some of your earned money on online advertising and link purchase. You can find good and related links to your site at very low price. It will depend on your ability to communicate and negotiate with other webmasters in internet.

10. Enable RSS/Atom feeds in your website. These are the headlines with short descriptions about things happening in your site. You can publish these feeds in various RSS directories and get additional exposure and links. Other webmasters will add you feeds to their sites if your feeds will be interesting and updated constantly.

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