How to get rid of Coupon Companion’s ads


Have you been annoyed by Coupon Companion? Some of my friends have and I must say that there is no wonder why there are so many security experts who have decided to include it to the category of adwares. It keeps displaying its commercial offers, and has also been blamed for tracking people or altering the default settings on their computers.

This program got on my friends’ computers some weeks ago. Of course, it did that without any permission asked, together with another free programs that are actively offered online. According to them, they haven’t been very attentive during the whole installation process of the software and maybe that’s why they have easily let Coupon Companion inside their computers. In order to avoid it, you must uncheck all components that are listed on every installation window. Once it gets inside the system, this adware starts tracking users’ browsing habits in order to show relevant ads for them. Additionally, program starts displaying its deal and coupon ads.

No matter that Coupon Companion’s owners claim that their tool helps to save the money, it can become really annoying program, which interrupts you while browsing the web. I highly recommend to remove Coupon Companion from computer. Here a full Coupon Companion removal guide.

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