How to remove FBI Anti-Piracy Warning from computer


FBI Anti-Piracy Warning is a scam notification, so if you see one on your computer’s desktop, you should do nothing. Of course, it will try to make you think that you have violated some laws and that you have to pay a fine for that. However, those $200 that will be paid in a form of Moneypak voucher, will reach cyber criminals only. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning virus is almost the same threat as FBI virus, so stay away from this ransomware. Note that it may be harder to remove this scam from your computer than its previous releases because it has been improved.

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning seeks to get the money, so the first thing it does is takes user’s computer as a hostage. It simply locks the desktop down and blocks the Windows system with all applications that can be found there. Once it does that, it displays a huge notification, which lists various crimes, like violation of copyright law, distribution of pornography and similar. Of course, in order to help the user to unlock the PC, it asks to pay the fine of $200 or more within 72 hours. If you try to reboot your computer, you will see that this virus still remains. It will also return if you fall for paying this fine. In order to fix it, you should remove FBI Anti-Piracy Warning virus ASAP.

If you are also infected with this dangerous virus, I highly recommend using this FBI Anti-Piracy Warning removal guide for you.

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