How to stop redirect issue?


There are many users and security experts all around the world that call a virus or browser hijacker. When they mention this name, they report about annoying browser’s redirections and unwanted system’s changes. In fact, by doing that they mislead other people because this search engine has no malicious code inside. However, I can not argue that it’s a potentially malicious website. is closely related to browser hijacker, which, as soon as it infects the PC, modifies computer’s parameters and starts redirecting people to this site. Besides, it can also easily change the start page and default search engine to or All users that have noticed these changes should have almost no doubts that their PC is infected with a browser hijacker. Its almost impossible to remove this virus manually, so you should run a full system scan without anti-spyware and remove malicious entries.

You can get infected with browser hijacker via several different ways. Firstly, you can download it in a bundle with some free program from the Internet. In addition, illegal sites or hacked sites with a good reputation can also lead your computer to the infiltration of this virus. As soon as it gets inside, virus alters web browser’s settings and makes you use as the homepage and the default search engine. If you know what I mean, read removal guide and fix your computer.

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