IEAntiVirus is promoted as new antispyware dedicated to secure IE web browser. Unfortunately, every single word of the latter statement is wrong. IE AntiVirus is not a new product; it is almost identical copy of infamous rogue antispywares named IEDefender, FilesSecure and MalwareBell. None of the mentioned tool is able to protect computer because all of these anti-spywares are corrupt and malicious. IE Anti Virus has nothing to do with Internet Explorer web browser; it’s just a trick to gain attention and purchase.

Do not download nor buy IEAntiVirus software! This tool is a scam just like every software or website related to it. Use IE AntiVirus removal to delete this malware.

One Response to “IEAntiVirus”

  1. David Page says:

    I found the solution to remove the virus if you installed it….. go on safe mode and remove fk16.dll, in %windows%
    If you dont find it in there, go on symantec website and perform an online scan, it should tell you up to 3 places where the virus is located including the dll.. you wont be able to delete the dll because the file will be in execution.. sending you all those warnings.. just go on safe mode and delete it, problem solved! For more information send me an e-mail at I’ll try to answer as fast as possible. Thanks