IEDefender is new malicious software. Even though IEDefender doesn’t harm infected computers nor targets personal information, it’s still a very dangerous tool.
IEDefender poses as a security software. Once user installs it on a computer, it detects malicious files and requires purchasing full version in order to remove them. The malicious files detected by IEDefender are actually installed along with IEDefender, so whole this thing is a scam to get your money. Furthermore, the paid version of IEDefender is as useless as the free one.
IEDefender is a malware; it may be difficult to uninstall it from a computer. If you have installed this software, use IEDefender removal.

One Response to “IEDefender”

  1. Jane St John says:

    I just got taken by this . Have called credit card co and will ttry and stop payment to them von monday