IGuardPc is a deceiving anti-spyware that is installed using malware. Trojans usually get into the unprotected system unrecognized and download all the data useful for this scam. When IGuardPc is in, it is configured to start automatically as soon as users login to Windows. This program scans computer for viruses and immediately after that displays infections trying to make people scared. IGuardPC classically claims that all these parasites detected can’t be removed until people purchase the program, so called its “licensed” version.

However, all parasites are false and invented only to trick you into thinking that your computer is infected. You are only expected to buy the “full” version of IGuardPc which is useless and increase the profit for its creators. Keep in mind that buying this program would be a wrong decision, so don’t pay for this rogue anti-spyware. Contrary, I would recommend you using instructions below and delete IGuardPc.


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