Please, stay away from Iminent Toolbar


Iminent toolbar is one of those adware programs I hate. That’s because they get inside the system secretly and then initiate various changes without any permission asked. This program is presented as a tool, which gives you ability to add “emoticons” while you are on Facebook and other social networks. However, it can also cause redirections on your browsers, changes made in your homepage settings and may even download other toolbars on board. So, while it hasn’t been blamed for spreading viruses, it is clearly designed in inappropriate way. You should definitely uninstall Iminent toolbar if you haven’t installed it by yourself.

As I have mentioned, Iminent Toolbar can easily come inside the system without a permission asked. Mostly, it is spread in one pack with other programs that have included it to their components list. Such adwares are usually showed in some installation window, so you should keep an eye on every window during the software’s installation. As soon as it gets inside, it settles down on all your browsers. This is done by default, just like the changes that are made in your browser’s homepage and the main search engine.

Notice that we can’t call Iminent toolbar a virus, but it doesn’t act as a normal program. If you are bored by its annoying activity, I highly recommend to get rid of it. If you want to remove it for good, read a detailed Iminent Toolbar removal guide.

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