Internet Antivirus Pro


Internet Antivirus Pro is widely advertised online by fake “online scanner” pop-ups. The advertisements report various problems located on a computer although the pop-ups have no access to a machine. These misleading tactics should raise suspicions immediatelly. However, InternetAntivirus Pro is able to install itself automatically when user visits vendors’ website.

Do not trust this malware! Remove Internet Antivirus Pro with no doubt. If InternetAntivirusPro gets on a computer, it keeps loading security related pop-ups. It usually warns people about trojans detected, remote attacks being performed and similar activities. If Internet Antivirus Pro is installed on your system, keep in mind that each and every message displayed by this program is false. It’s intimidating strategy that is run in order to push people into purchasing full version of Internet Antivirus Pro. Whole deal is another scam: the full version is just a lure; users that pay get nothing in return.

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  1. Get the F**k off my computer. You are the ass holes that I’m not wanting to come up on my computer. Why would any one do business with a company like yours?