Internet Crime Complaint Center virus and its removal


It’s clear that Internet criminals are still using the trustworthiness of PC users and keep letting those really annoying ransomware viruses into the wild. The latest of them is Internet Crime Complaint Center virus, which tries to make its victims think that they have a deal with FBI. However, in reality this misleading notification belongs for scammers, who seek to get $500 from each of the victims…

Just like the infamous FBI virus, this scam is spread by trojans that hijack infected system as soon as they get inside it. The biggest risk of getting such virus on your computer is downloading updates, programs and files from unofficial sources. Once Internet Crime Complaint Center virus gets inside, it locks the screen with its huge alert and lists various crimes. It’s has become almost typical that this scam accuses user for the distribution of copyrighted content, use of prohibited content and similar crimes.

I must say that I highly recommend you to ignore ¬†Internet Crime Complaint Center’s alert and remove this virus from your computer. If you think that there is no possible way to remove this ransomware virus from your computer, read Internet Crime Complaint Center virus removal guide on my other project.

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