Internet Defender


Internet Defender is a fake antispyware program that comes from the same family as infamous Security Defender. The program employs Trojan virus and infiltrates to computer completely secretly. A soon as it get there, Internet Defender is configured to start automatically when computer logs in to Windows

Basically, it loads a scanner which pretends to perform system check for viruses. When the imitates scan finishes Internet Defender lists the files that were created before and recommends removing them by telling that they pose risk to your system.

Besides Internet Defender is a reason of tons of security notifications and pop ups displayed on your desktop. The purpose of these messages is also to convince you into thinking your system is infected and purchase Internet Defender as a tool to fix everything.

Do not fall for this trick as Internet Defender is a scam application that should be removed as soon as possible. Use a reputable anispyware program and get rid of Internet Defender quickly and easily.

One Response to “Internet Defender”

  1. Karen Sefcik says:

    How do I get rid of Internet Defender? It will not let me even download Mcafee or Norton