Internet Security 2010


Internet Security 2010 program is a piece of malware that usually comes to the compromised machine unexpectedly. Being promoted by such means as Trojans viruses, Internet Security 2010 successfully spreads itself over the Internet and secretly infects its victims. After settling down, it creates fake random files that drops in the system and generates fake security messages about malware detected. However, the truth is that these messages report about parasites that were invented by the same Internet Security 2010.

To be taken as serious software, Internet Security 2010 also loads tons of annoying pop-up ads, taskbar alerts and desktop wallpapers. This rogueware seeks only to make users think their PC is at the great danger and offers its licensed version as the only solution. The truth is that Internet Security 2010 will never remove any parasite reported, so don’t purchase this scam. If your PC is already infected, remove Internet Security 2010 with a reputable anti-spyware.

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