Internet Security Essentials


Computer hackers have designed another fake rogue antispyware program that aims to steal computer users’ money. The program is called Internet Security Essentials and it imitates performing system scan and displays tons of system notifications just to convince computer users into thinking their systems are infected and then offer them purchasing a so called full version of Internet Security Essentials.

The real purpose of this is only to get money from innocent computer users. The program itself is completely useless and is not able to fulfill any of its promises.

Basically, Internet Security Essentials claims that your computer is badly infected and then pretends to scan the system with its scanner. After this show finishes, the program lists a bunch of files and tells that you must remove them as soon as possible. It’s clear that Internet Security Essentials offers its own services and only asks you to pay for its license. After that the program claims that it will be able to remove all infections and will also take care of your system’s protection in future.

Do not fall for this trick. You cannot pay for this program under any circumstances as paying for it is equal to throwing your money to the wind. You should rather get rid of Internet Security Essentials as soon as you detect it on your system.

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