Internet Security Guard


Internet Security Guard is a rogue antivirus program that tries to trick you into thinking that your system is infected and recommends getting a full version of its program. The main goal of this badware is to collect as much money as possible from different computer users.

Internet Security Guard spreads on computers with the help of hacked websites and also using fake scanners online. Hacked websites can easily spread various infections to a bunch of different systems. Fake scanner imitates performing system scan on your machine and warns about various security threats on your machine. In reality your system can be completely clean but the program will claim the opposite. The program will state that if you pay for a license of Internet Security Guard, you can activate the program and all your security issues will be solved.

Additionally, the program generates fake alerts named as Address space conflicts, System Message or Memory access problem. These message warn about some access conflict, dangerous viruses or some other problem. These security notifications are fake just like the scan results of Internet Security Guard.

Use a reliable antispyware program to eliminate Internet Security Guard from your system quickly and easily.

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