Internet Security

Internet Security is a fake antispyware application that spreads on computers using fake warnings and a fake scanner program to make computer user believe that his system is infected and get money from random computer users. The application is configured to start automatically with each system reboot right when it’s downloaded and installed to the computer. Then the entire mess starts on the system.
Internet Security rogue announces about tons of infections detected on your system and recommends its full version as a tool to fix all security problems on your machine. The program also generates a bunch of security notifications which warn that your system is badly infected or a suspicious activity in your registry system space was detected. By the end it will state that system damage is possible.
None of the threats should be taken for granted. Internet Security only wants to make you believe that your system is badly infected and make you purchase something useless. Cyber criminals, who created Internet Security earn money this way.
If it happened for you to detect Internet Security on your computer you should never trust it. The best thing is to do it to get rid of Internet Security virus with a reputable antispyware program, for example Stop Zilla. What is more, do not pay for anything that you are not sure about. Make a small research on the Internet before purchasing any program. If you have made a transfer for Security Defender already please contact your bank immediately and dispute the charges. Otherwise, all your private information will go to the cyber criminals and it will lead to stealing your money.

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