Introducing Windows Abnormality Checker


Just like every single day lately, I introduce you to one more fake rogue program from FakeVimes family – Windows Abnormality Checker. Despite its funny name, this badware have already found some victims and managed to get money from them. For those who are not aware, rogues of FakeVimes family imitate actions of antispyware programs and tries to find computer users who would by them as real security tools.

The program enters random computer systems without users noticing them. Once there it imitates system scans and warns about infections that actually don”t exist on your system. Windows Abnormality Checker only wants to get money from computer users so it so it can do all that is possible to reach its goal.

If you have noticed any strange activity on your system, like some scanners running without your permission or some pop ups appearing out of nowhere, you can be pretty sure that your system is infected with Windows Abnormality Checker. I highly advise removing at as soon as possible.


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