IronDefender is another rogue program that from WiniGuard family of rogues. This group of rogues contains the most active and dangerous infections. IronDefender spreads on the Internet on malicious internet pages. For infiltration to computer the program uses Trojan viruses.

As soon as Iron Guard infiltrates, you will start noticing your system acting weird. At first you will see tons of security notifications appearing on your system without any reason. These messages will claim that your system is infected and offer you purchasing IronDefender in order to scan your system and remove all malicious infections.

Iron Defender also runs its scanner and pretends to scan the system for viruses after each computer reboot. Right when you log in to Windows you will see a screen of IronGuard which will imitate performing system scan. Once it’s done, the program will tell you to purchase a full version of Iron Defender to that it could remove the files reported as infections.

Please do not fall for the offer to purchase IronDefender as it will not provide any services. It’s only a trick by cyber criminals in order to gain some money from less experienced computer users. Instead of purchasing it’s license, you have to remove Iron Defender as soon as possible with a reputable antispyware program.

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