IronDefense is one more rogue antispyware program from WiniGuard family. It enters computer systems secretly and the very first symptom you will notice is tons of pop up ads stating that your computer contains infections. These notifications redirect to malicious websites that offer scanning your system online. Once the scan is performed, the program will recommend purchasing Iron Defense. You will be warned about tons of infections and the program will state that only a full version of Iron Defense is able to remove all malicious files.

As soon as IronDefense infiltrates into the system, it is loaded automatically when you reboot your computer. At the time of infiltration, the program also creates a bunch of files which are neither useful nor harmful but later they are reported as infections. Iron Defense pretends to run system scanner and instead of displaying infections it lists the files that were created before in the infection list and recommends removing casino online them by purchasing a full version of IronDefence.

What is more, IronDefense is even able to generate fake Windows Security Center notification which looks exactly like a legitimate one, which recommends purchasing IronDefense as a legitimate antispyware tool. Besides, while the program is running you will consstantly receive fake security alerts warning about insecurity of your private data and other fabricated information.

As you probably already understood, IronDefense is a scam program that is only seeking for your money. Please remove IronDefense right after it”s detection on your system.

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