IronProtector a fake antivirus tool that doesn’t provide any useful services but instead imitates them. By doing this the program attempts to convince you into believing Iron Protector is a legitimate virus removal tool and then makes you to purchase it. Typically to all rogue programs IronProtector spreads through malware which simulate video codec or redirect you to malicious websites offering free system scan. After pretending to scan your system, the program reports about tons of malicious files supposedly detected on your computer and recommends removing them with a help of a full version of Iron Protector.

Beware that the program only wants you to make a payment but it is not able to provide any real protection services. What is more, Iron Protector also installs another program to the system called Registry Clever. This one imitates Windows Registry cleaning program but is as much fake as Iron Protector itself. However, it makes even more problems to you. Once your computer is scanned with Registry Clever it will report about tons of system errors. Please, don’t worry about that as these errors are only displayed to make you purchase a fake program once again.

Moreover, Iron Protector literarily bombards your computer with fake security notifications and pop ups which state your system is infected with spyware and also redirect you to the website where you can make a payment of Iron Protector.

Please remove Iron Protector from your machine right after experiencing any before mentioned sign.

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