KvmSecure is a dangerous malware. It is not capable of doing much damage to a computer; however it mimics anti-spyware applications so well that many people get scammed.

Kvm Secure infiltrates computers with help of Zlob or other trojans related to the infamous Zlob. This malware is a part of bigger fraud: first of all a user is tricked into downloading fake video codec (which is actually Zlob trojan), then the trojan brings KvmSecure, and then user is prompted to purchase a license of KvmSecure anti-spyware. Do not buy KvmSecure! It loads persuasive security alerts that are actually fabricated. The pop-up launched by Kvm Secure looks like this: “Spyware Threat. Your computer is infected with Spyware: Adware.Win32.Agent.rf, Packed.Win32.NSAnti.r, W32/Netsky-P. Remove All Spyware”.

If you see any signs of KvmSecure, use KvmSecure removal to delete this threat or scan your machine with genuine anti-spyware.

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