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How to know if the link passes PR on not?
There are few options how webmasters can link one or another resource from their page. The clear link should look like:
<a href=”link”>text</a>

Google recently announced new attribute “rel” to link. more info here

if you see that the code looks like this:
<a href=”link” rel=”nofollow”>text</a>
then this link doesn’t pass any value to the linked site.

Other options to link the site:
If webmaster don’t want to leak PR from their websites they usually use other linking techniques:
1. Uses JavaScript. The link looks like:
<a href=”#” onclick=”‘link’)”>text</a>
At this time this kind of link is not readable by spiders, but in our opinion its just a matter of time when it will be readable. From webmaster side I can say that its only a temporal workaround not to give any “credits” to the link and not to leak the PR from the site.

2. Redirect via PHP headers. Sometimes in the status bar and in the code you can see that there is NO link to your site, but by pressing the link you still get to the site. You see something similar to:

<a href=”link/goout.php?id=xx”>text</a> the link goes to the inner page and there redirected to your page via PHP header:
header(“Location: http://”.$ref->link())
We’ve made the tests in our sites and saw that this kind of link google understands and counts as a link. I can’t say for sure if it passes PR or gives some value, but if we think logically it should. If it’s not passes PR, then it’s also just a matter of time when the link will be treated as a Vote.

3. Redirect via meta refresh tag. another way of redirecting is via meta refresh tag. in this case you will also see the link to the inner page like this:
<a href=”link/goout.php?id=xx”>text</a> and this page will have meta refresh tag like this:
<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT=”xx; URL=link”>
In a perfect situation the link should be counted by google, if it’s not when I remain to my position that it’s just a matter of time when it will be counted…
4. There is an option when another meta tag can be added to this redirect page to prevent from leaking of Page rank and giving any value to the link. If you can see the redirect page or normal page with the meta tag like:
<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow” /> then it is clear Order to google and other bots not to go through the links and not to index the page.

Be careful with the link exchange and with PR leak.

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  1. Is PR passing through php. pages also.