LinkSafeness is a rogue anti-spyware program form the WiniSoft family. Most of the time, this program is installed via Trojans that display fake security alerts and notifications about serious infections or security threats on your computer. Once installed, Link Safeness will supposedly scan your computer and display a variety of infections that cannot be removed unless you purchase this bogus application. These infections, though, do not actually exist and are being shown only to scare you into purchasing LinkSafeness. When running, the rogue program will constantly display fake security alerts/warnings about serious security and privacy problems on your computer. However, these fake alerts are just a tactic being used to scare you into thinking that your computer is infected. Furthermore, this parasite will  impersonate the legitimate Windows Security Center and suggest you to active LinkSafeness in order to ensure full system protection. The fake Security center states that your computer has no protection and recommends that you purchase LinkSafeness. There are no doubts that this application is nothing more but a scam. Please do not delay and remove this infections as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may cause more damage to the system as it is able to download and install additional malware on the compromised PC.


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