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I try to keep the list of Lithuanian model agencies up to date. So this is 2012 year update. Here are Lithuanian model agencies listed by credibility (based on magazine JURGITA). I think there are too many agencies in such a small country as Lithuania and we still see new modeling agencies trying to enter the market. During the year 2012 Managers and Models from all over the world created the association called M.A.M.A. M.A.M.As aim is to control quality of the agencies and to create regulation and business ethics for such a massive and important business. So only few agencies in Lithuania were approved by MAMA. Here is the list of the Lithuanian modeling agencies with short comments from me:

1. Supermodels Model Management – main objective of the model agency – find and manage the careers of successfully working models. This Lithuanian model agency is working with all networks including IMG, NEXT, ELITE, FORD, WOMEN and most of the other well know agencies throughout the world. Every season their girls are traveling to different countries to work and develop their career. M.A.M.A. member.

2. Baltic Model Management – experienced modeling agency in Lithuania. One could say it was a bit stronger in the past, when the top face and co-owner was Carmen Kass. Now they and Massimo lead separate agencies, but this agency is still strong and very good. M.A.M.A. member.

3. Modilinos model agency – this one’s got the longest history of all modeling agencies in Lithuania. I respect Jolanta, the owner of the agency very much. The agency employs a lot of great models working all around the world. We had some issues with Jolanta in the past, as my agency name “Supermodels Model Management” is quite similar to “Supermodels of the World” – the contest that she’s been organizing for a long time. Modilinos lost the licence to organise this event. M.A.M.A. member.

4. Major Image Group – This experienced agency belongs to 3 well known Lithuanian models: Renata, Meda and Julija. Agency has its own style and requirements. Good choice for any girl. They stopped woking exclusively with Major and removed Major name from the agency title. Now they are just Image Group. M.A.M.A. member.

5. Image Models – I haven’t got much information about them. This agency is quite new, but they have many businesses in the same network already, including one magazine. At least scouts who visit us, don’t visit this agency.. maybe we just have different clients. Image models was sold to PMST. PMST is a small and very selective agency. It is owned by Paul Chang and has offices in Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Poland. PMST provide models to the biggest modeling agencies from all the major markets. M.A.M.A. member.

6. Metropolitan Modeling agency – it’s a good agency for models. Their first option is Metropolitan Paris, but they also work with a lot of agencies worldwide. Metropolitan agency is closed at the moment. There is a new agency instead of it. It is called Major Amber Models. They give first choice for Major Model Management. M.A.M.A. member.

7. Europe Centre Models – this agency opened a year later than we did. There have been rumors that this agency asks money upfront, and there also was some TV broadcast on the credibility of the agency. But I still have positive opinion about this agency, they have some good models and international scouts visit them often. M.A.M.A. member.

8. Olialia Models is the agency with a well known Lithuanian brand name – Olialia. This brand name has a bad reputation. Because of the reputation issues Olialia brand names was closed and the owner of the agency RUTA, changed the name to RUTA Model Management. Ruta Model Management organises Elite Model look and gives the first choice for Elite. M.A.M.A. member.

9. Vilnius Models is owned by Svajune. Its a small agency which tries to compete in Lithuanian market. Agency does not have any great international models at the moment, but tries everything to find them. M.A.M.A. member.

10. Dmax agency – I put this agency low on the list for the way they do business. They have a few models, one of which has done very well in the season of 2007, but let me shed some light upon some inside information. Some history: agency owner Xavier was caught by the police pissing on the building of Seimas (parliament of Lithuania). This agency is always trying to dig up some dirt about other agencies and they always come up with a pure nonsense. They tried to defame us as well as Metropolitan. We still have active legal cases with them. I’ll post more information about the slander case in 2007 soon. So these facts simply do not create positive image of the agency. DMAX lost legal cases and all Dmax brand names and sites belongs to Supermodels Model Management. Dmax cant do in Lithuania under Dmax name.

There are even more agencies… I’ll put [Closed] tag for the agencies which are closed now.

10. [Closed] DM agency – this agency is now closed as its owners were arrested. They are suspected to have been employing and sending models as a high class prostitutes.

8. Mis Mazoji agency – it’s an agency for kids. This agency mostly focuses on local market. They have got their own modeling studio. From what I’ve heard, they don’t send models abroad.

9. [Closed] Modeliai agency – it’s not quite a full time service. It’s an online service for models.

12. Aksmera – it’s been around for quite some time, but it is a local agency.

13. Deima – quite experienced, yet mostly local.

14. [Closed] Gmodels – new Lithuanian modeling agency, started in 2007 by two well known TV girls Giedre and Goda.

15. [Closed] Amodelicait’s a new agency and I haven’t got much information about it. Their website is down for some reason. I don’t know if its still active.

16. [Closed] LTmodels – this agency’s been around for a few years already. I don’t know much about this agency. Sometimes they hire our models.

17. Revanda – local event organizer that has a title of a modeling agency in its name too. It’s an old “agency”, but I’m not sure if it’s a modeling agency after all.

18. [Closed] Exemplum – there is no such agency anymore, as Lithuanian modeling agency “Supermodels” took it over in 2006. Before that these two agencies had been working as partners.

19. [Closed] Ricis models – some new agency trying to enter the market.

20. [Closed] glitzmodels – some new agency trying to enter the market. Obviously, hasn’t got a website yet.

21. [Closed] velvet models – it’s not a high fashion agency. It’s Glamour agency. That is, nudity involved.

22. [Closed] vita lucci – closed agency. Got closed for the same reason as DM – suspected in high class prostitution.

23. Tomana – modeling studio, not an agency.

24. Madesa – local agency.

25. Reconnoitre Models – new agency without any experience in the Lithuanian market.

As you can see, there are so many modeling agencies in Lithuania, so, girls, please choose your agency wisely. Scouts and managers, I hope you’ll find this information useful.

This article will be posted in Lithuanian as well.

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