Live Enterprise Suite


Live Enterprise Suite is a new fake security software. It’s a program that pretends to be an anti-spyware scanner online but in reality is a dangerous malware. Live Enterprise Suite works together with TDL3 rootkit which makes it even more complicated for the malware to be removed. Usually it’s the best to run your computer in Safe Mode in order to get rid of malware. Unfortunately, this technique may not work on removing Live Enterprise Suite. You may need to work in Recovery Environment in order to remove malicious files of Live Enterprise Suite and this is quite a challenge if you’re not a computer expert.

Live Enterprise Suite runs automatically every time you boot your computer. The program runs its scanner which gives completely fake scan results. If you don’t know that, you will probably try to remove the detected infections. Then Live Enterprise Suite will announce you that first you need to pay for the license of the program. To scare you even more Live Enterprise Suite will display various security alerts no matter what program you will try to work with.

Make sure to ignore the notifications by Live Enterprise Suite as it is scam software and it only attempts to fool you for receiving your money. If you have already paid for it, contact your bank and dispute the charges. Get rid of Live Enterprise Suite manually or let a reliable anti-spyware program to handle with it as Live Enterprise Suite is a really dangerous parasite.

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