Live PC Care


A new fake security software, called Live PC Care or LivePCCare, has appeared recently. Just like earlier created its initials Additional Guard and System Defender, Live PC Care employs similar malicious tactics based on fabricated scan results and system security notifications. It seeks to fool PC users that their machines are infected and swindles the money by offering them to purchase the “full” version which is nothing but just another useless thing.

Live PC Care comes unexpectedly. This scam changes some registry entries and creates random files which are dropped in the system. Basically, just after settling down, Live PC Care starts doing a fake system scan and “detects” its own files as malicious ones. You will be completely bombarded by such fake alerts:

System alert!
malicious applications, which may contains Trojans, were found
on your computer and are to be removed immediately. Click
here to remove these potentially harmful items using Live PC

Additionally, all these system security notifications will redirect you to buy the “licensed” version of Live PC Care. It is highly recommended not doing that. The wisest solution is to delete Live PC Care. Use the removal guide and get rid of this scam easily.

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