Malware Protection Center


Malware Protection Center is a dangerous application that was designed by cyber criminals in order to get money from random computer users. The application spreads on computers using Trojan viruses. Once inside, the program uses a fake scanner and mimics performing system scan. The application warns that your system contains tons of infections and it recommends removing them with a full version of Malware Protection Center.

In fact the scanner of Malware Protection Center is not able to detect anything. The program only imitates looking for infections but finally it displays fake scan results. You shouldn’t take any of them for granted so don’t even try to remove any files that are displayed as infections. You will also receive various security notifications and pop up ads which will warn that your system is at risk because of some malicious program detected on your system, hidden file transfers to remote host detected and similar things. These messages promote Malware Protection Center as a legitimate antspyware tool even though it is far away from the truth.

What is more, once you get infected with Malware Protection Center it will block most of your executables so you cannot run most of them. That’s another trick that cyber criminals use to keep their badware in the system as long as possible.

Do not trust this dangerous program. Use a reputable antispyware to remove Malware Protection Center and all other infections that could have infiltrated together with this badware.

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