Malware Protection ransomware


Malware Protection ransomware is an infection that completely takes your computer over. Just like other viruses, it infiltrates into computer while visiting infected websites, opening infected files, links or pictures sent by email, etc. Once inside it can encrypt your files or lock your computer. The person who infected your computer will ask you to pay a certain amount of money to get your computer back to normal functioning.

Malware Protection basically states that some mailing was detected on your computer sending dangerous virus which can harm other users. The virus is being modified every 24 hours which makes it difficult for the antivirus programs very difficult to detect it. According to the message, hackers require $2000 to decrypt your files. Malware Protection offers doing that cheaper, just for $300, casino and claims to know that password that is needed to unblock your computer. You will be offered to pay via Ukash code, MoneyPak or Paysafecard.

Unfortunately, that is not true and the creators of Malware Protection ransomware only want to steal your money. If you have received Malware Protection message, use some alternate scanner to scan your PC and use a reputable antispyware program to eliminate this ransomaware from your system.

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