Memory Optimizer


Memory Optimizer is a fake system defragmenter that spreads aggressively with a help of Trojan viruses. The program imitates being system optimization program but in fact it has nothing to offer to improve your computer performance. Basically, it’s an annoying program that attempts to make you purchase its full version to solve system errors that actually don’t exist on your system.

Memory Optimizer pretends to scan your computer and reports to detect tons of system errors related to your RAM and hard drive. It claims that these errors can be fixed, but you must purchase a full version of Memory Optimizer first. Moreover, it generates some security notifications to scare you even more that your computer contains errors. The truth is the program attempts to gain some money from you, so it reports about errors that doesn’t exist and expects you to fall for this trick.

You are strongly recommended to remove Memory Optimizer from your system as soon as possible. Use a reputable antispyware program and eliminate this nasty program as soon as you detect it.

2 Responses to “Memory Optimizer”

  1. Carnese says:

    I have this on my computer as of yesterday. Spybot picks it up as malware, then removes it, but everytime I reboot my computer it is still there. Any ideas.

  2. Martha says:

    My daughter has this on her computer. I guided her through a “removal” program….we followed step by step. When she rebooted, the icon was still on her desktop. She deleted it and emptied the recycle bin. On reboot, the icon is back and the fake scan started in again. I’ve gone all through her programs and can’t find a way to eliminate it. Any ideas? Thanks for your advice.