Micro AV


Beware Micro AV fraud! This application is presented as anti-virus; some people even mistake the name Micro AV for reputable software Trend Micro antivirus. These two have nothing in common: Trend Micro offers anti-virus protection while MicroAV infects your computer and targets your money.

It may look like MS Windows offers you to buy Micro AV license as this malware seems to come out of nowhere. Micro AV is installed secretly by trojans that reach your computer through spam emails and infected downloads from malicious websites. The main goal of this program is to make you pay money for anti-virus protection. Many people find paid security tools a good idea, but Micro AV is not a security tool. Micro AV is a scam that takes your money, but makes your computer performance terrible instead of protecting it from infections. MicroAV may slow down internet connection and freeze a computer. It loads many security-related messages trying to scare people into buying the full version.

Micro AV won’t function as anti-virus even if you buy a license. Remove Micro AV with no hesitation.

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